Frequently Asked Questions

Initial Rental Term

Our rental pricing is determined by the full retail price. For your convenience, we have listed the price for the first week on our products. If you will need a product longer than one week, please contact us and we can give you a correct quote.

  • (1st week) 25% of full price of item
  • (2nd Week) 20% of charges for initial rental term
  • (3rd Week) 15% of charges for initial rental term
  • (4th Week) no charges – free

Q: What is the daily rate for rentals?

It is the same price to rent a piece for a day or one week. We do not offer a special price for one day rentals.

Q: Do I need to leave a deposit?

As long as we have the necessary paperwork and a credit card on file, you do not need to leave a deposit.

Q: How do I open an account?

To open an account we ask that you fill out the forms found on the Forms page. We will need to have a signed rental agreement, your billing information, a credit authorization form, and proof of insurance on file.

Q: Do I have to have an account to rent furniture?

No, an official account is not necessary as long as the proper paperwork is provided.

Q: What if the rental is not returned on time as specified in the rental agreement?

We offer a one day grace period because we understand that there are unforeseen circumstances. However, any additional time after that we will bill the additional time as outlined in the rental agreement.

Q: Do you rent to the general public?

We rent to the film and TV industries, as well as to photographers, events, home staging professionals, and interior designers.

Q: What should I do if the rental is returned damaged?

First thing you should do is contact us as soon as possible. We will work with you to determine the cost of repair or replacement. The full replacement value of the item will be listed on your invoice.

Q: Can I modify the rented item, i.e. paint, touch up or repair?

No. However, if this is a situation where it is vital to the production written permission would need to be obtained.

Q: Do you ship props to other cities/countries?

Yes, we ship anywhere in the United States and can ship worldwide if necessary.